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Organic SEO, What You Need and How to Get It

organic SEO

You’ll know that with the recent Google updates many online businesses are suffering. Rankings have dropped and competition is fiercer than it’s ever been. Big companies such as John Lewis have the capital to invest in great content to keep themselves at the top of the search engines and to bring new customers flooding in. Small and medium sized businesses aren’t so fortunate.

That’s why I’ve put together a killer marketing and SEO package, to get you back on top or if you’re already there to give you a massive boost. You’ll increase conversions, your reputation and find yourself infamous over the web, while investing in content that will never go out of fashion, no matter how many Google updates are thrown at us.

Please read more to find out how you can compete with the big brands for less, and WIN!

White Hat Techniques only!

Of course all of this should be carried out ONCE your onsite SEO is spot on and you are confident your website is converting. If you need to start from scratch, or need an on site SEO audit, talk to me. It's easy and a lot simpler than many SEO companies make out!


I’m a digital marketer, in that I have many contacts and I create marketing campaigns that give you a very big initial boost and maintain the momentum.

I believe that a good kick-starter should include:

  • Guest Posts (on reputable sites, including backlinks and increasing your SEO)

  • Articles spread across eZine sites to bring in people from new areas

  • On site blogs and content, updated regularly

  • Press Releases

  • Good Backlinks

  • A good presence on reputable sites, banner/ads

All of this considerably improves your SEO too.


I work with SEO a lot for many companies since the updates as it’s basically ensuring you have quality content, great connections, blogs people want to share and keywords for the search terms. I can insert your Meta tags and descriptions (depending on how your site is built) and make sure your SEO works with your marketing and content, giving a 3 in 1 boost rather than having to manage 3 different strings.

Blogs and Articles

As you know all blogs and articles must be informative, entertaining and current. They shouldn’t be written in the first person. They can encourage debate but basically they need to be capable of sharing. An article someone might print off as they want to use the tips later, one they may share, one relevant to their industry.

Blogs that other businesses can link to improve their own content

Guest Blogs

Having a blog on another website with a good readership can boost your profile significantly. The blogs need to offer great tips and advice to their readers and be bespoke to their audience. Every site charges to feature a blog, as they know the value of the backlinks and content. Unlike others, who just charge for a backlink, I’d be keen to do 2 in 1 with a guest post that includes up to 3 links giving you a double whammy for half the price of both being done separately.

For the larger packages I will also seek out guest post opportunities within your industry ensuring you not only benefit from the SEO but from the increase in exposure and traffic too.

The magazines I already write for are below and include MOZ, Buzzfeed, Huffington Post and more.


We need connections, we need an email list and then we need to email them. This should be simple as I can gain access to users/ readers who appreciate your products.


Of course all of this is about exposure. It is also organic SEO and marketing too, so when Google update their algorithms again, you won’t be left short. Great copy, good backlinks are never going to go out of fashion. Some SEO people are still stuck in the past and think keyword stuffed copy works but Google now sees it as spam. We can get you ranking locally and nationally.

Banners/ Ads

I’ve been given a good deal on banners and ads that boost campaigns significantly as it’s not just a case of a link/ image and sales copy on site, this goes out with all the mags social media and promotions. If they have a radio interview, you are mentioned. If they interview a celebrity, you’re associated and so on.

Talk to me about the SEO packages I offer that cover all your SEO needs, from guest posting to onsite SEO, organic SEO using white hat SEO techniques.

If you already have PPC or a budget for Adwords, I can recommend a good company to help you excel there. I'm a Google Partner and have passed all the exams to become a recognised PPC expert but it's not an area I like to work in unfortunately. Organic SEO is my forte!


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