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How to Write Website Copy That Wins Business

how to write winning copy for your website

Summary : Many people believe that content is simply enticing words on a page, yet a good copywriter will tell you it’s much more than that.

Great copy should give you a​n incredible return on your investment as the best copywriters use psychology along with sales techniques to increase conversions and raise your reputation.

Understanding a few of these techniques can help you to produce winning content for your own website, putting you ahead of your competition instantly.

Consider the Scanner

People don’t read a webpage the same way they would a magazine. In fact they glance (giving you just a five second chance to engage) in the following way. Top left (enter your phone number, special offer or email) Middle (important, short, to the point information that sells), top right (your logo or something that reaffirms your brand as the right choice), bottom left (read on, learn more, buy now, contact).

The bottom right is regularly ignored!

On top of this if comparing you to your competition with limited time on their hands, users will read the first and last sentences and then only the first and last words of any copy in between.

The Pyramid Technique

A good copywriter understands the pyramid technique, this is not dodgy sales, it’s a way of writing that ensures you capture your audience quickly, let them know they have chosen correctly and then lead them to buy or contact.

It works like this:

Address your best USPs first and fast! Such as free delivery, no obligation consultations, 10% off, unique services.

Then add your next USPs, incredible portfolio, guaranteed return, money back guarantee, and personal service.

Compound this with honesty and your ethos, your history of excellence, 100% positive feedback, mentioned in X magazine, award winning etc.

Then go into detail, reaffirming everything you’ve said, convincing the buyer now that you’ve got them hooked. Never stop letting them know what you can do for them because ultimately this is all anyone wants to know when parting with hard earned cash.

Calls to Action

In between the copy, every time you confirm a point or reach a place in the copy where you believe a buyer could be convinced to contact, place a call to action. For example, the Hollywood movie industry ensures every film has a change of scene, or surprising event every sixteen minutes. This keeps viewers engaged right until the end.

Copy is no different. For example, we are the largest supplier of chocolate teapots in the UK, with the widest varieties of designs, view our range now.

We also offer free delivery on every chocolate teapot you buy, order now to receive yours by 1pm tomorrow.

There are so many other tricks a good copywriter uses but these will get your website off to a winning start.

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