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Public Relations in Devon for Global Exposure

I manage the public relations for select clients in Devon and throughout the rest of the world. I've worked with celebrities, well known food brands, finance companies, cosmetics, travel companies and household products. 

I'm proud to have secured all of my clients spots in the national news, in popular magazines and on radio and TV. Alongside this I've also helped my clients win awards in their chosen category.

My approachable nature, my humorous outlook on life and my long list of connections all combine to offer a public relations package that is unmatched, and cheaper than any agency. I like to get to know the brand as if it's my own, to adopt the same enthusiasm as the founder and to market it expertly, and with complete confidence and authority.

Whether you're looking for PR in Devon or throughout the rest of the world, I can help. I do have a waiting list, however I'm always open to new opportunities where I can raise awareness of a person, brand or business and bring the stardom it deserves. 

Contact me now for a chat about your public relations needs. You'll only ever work with me, no agency and you'll be surprised at my low fees. 

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