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How to Stay Motivated When Working for Yourself

Initially motivation shouldn’t be a problem. Like many people deciding on a freelance career you will be uber enthusiastic and ready to show the world what you can do from the safety of your own studio.

However, working from home or within your own limits lends itself to a myriad of temptations that are easy to give into if you don’t decide on an action plan, and then stick to it.

Motivation Sorts the Wheat from the Chaff

Many freelancers have failed because of this one simple obstacle, wrongly when choosing a self-employed career they’ve imagined catching up on day time TV or long lie ins whenever they choose. To ensure you make more than enough money to live on, and excel within your field as a freelancer you must find it within yourself to kick-start your career every single day as there’s no big boss telling you how to do.As there is no employer ready to dock pay or give a written warning for laziness, you may assume the penalties are inconsequential. This is where many slip up.

As once you have built up a good client base they will expect you to be available at least between working hours and if you’re still snoozing in bed, they’ll quite simply choose someone else.

Some Days are better than Others

In the beginning you may find you take on jobs you’d rather not for a lower fee just to secure a reputation within the freelance industry. You may also notice rejection as just like any media mogul be it a rock star a film star or singer, you are competing for the work. Your style won’t fit everyone’s expectations and it’s when these rejections hit, sometimes all at once, that you feel despondent and quite rightly plan a day off to pamper your ego.

However, days off especially in the beginning are a luxury a new freelancer can’t afford. For every bad day you will have a good day when your inbox is full and you are in demand. That’s the joy of freelancing, every job is different, and you never know if today is the day you are going to land that wonderful contract that enables you to take the family to the Bahamas for the summer.

Keep Going!

There are a lot of downsides to being a freelancer; however the good definitely outweighs the bad. You are your own boss and with the right mind-set you can be the best boss you’ve ever encountered. Reward yourself for hard work and prioritise your day, and remember even if the work isn’t flooding in there’s other ways to enhance your career as you wait such as bidding for jobs or improving your social network coverage.

Exceed your Own Expectations

Keeping motivated is key to your success, and to do so you must adopt the mind-set of an employee. Set yourself goals every day and make sure you’re in your studio and available during normal working hours. Start each day with a to do list and make sure you complete most of it before home time, you are the are your own best friend and your own worst enemy, so keep in mind what you want to achieve and where you’re headed and don’t rest until you make progress every day to get there.

Treat Yourself

When you have reached your goals for the week, or you’ve secured a new client, have a break. Enjoy a day off, or treat yourself to a day out. You thoroughly deserve it. Taking time out will refresh your mind and make sure you’re ready to start again on Monday morning.

You can also delegate your copywriting services allowing you to concentrate on what you love to do best.

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