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My Clients

I'm fortunate enough to have worked with some exceptional clients, and to bring them the exposure they deserved through public relations, marketing, branding and copywriting. As a freelance marketer and copywriter in Devon I save some time per week to explore new projects, however, I do have a waiting list for new clients. If you are a start up, or a big brand and you would like a fresh voice and approach to your marketing and PR please contact me, I'm always happy to chat. 

I tend to favour projects where I have the most experience and these include food, relationships, technology, media, travel, home and garden and parenting. 

Here are some clients I'm working with currently, along with those I've helped in the past. 

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Willie's Cacao

I have worked on a freelance basis for Willie's Cacao for over a year as the head of public relations and marketing. I love my adventures with single estate bean to bar chocolate and have incredible enthusiasm for the rapidly growing brand. Alongside securing spots in national news, magazines and on TV, I've also grown the social media following substantially and will continue to do so. Being the head of marketing in Devon for a company local to me is ideal, however I do work remotely with clients all over the world. Since I started the PR, Willie's Cacao has featured in every major newspaper and magazine, from The Independent (many times) to the Metro to Hello! The amazing products have also featured on many TV programs. 

Martina has been doing our PR and social media marketing for over a year and has been incredibly proactive and has got great results. She has amazing contacts in the media,  getting great coverage for our various campaigns. She has made our social media much more engaging, making sure we do regular videos and live events. I would whole heartedly recommend her.

Harriet Rhys Williams

Willie’s Cacao


Creative Nature

I have just started working with the fabulous team over at Creative Nature as a freelancer one day a week. I head the public relations and already a lot of journalists and editors are keen to feature the new products. I'm excited to see where they will be featured and to taking this brand to the next level. 


Kinda Kawaii

I am about to start work with Kinda Kawaii for just one day per week as the head of public relations and marketing. I'm looking forward to this adventure as this is a subscription box for all lovers of anime, and the first of its kind in the UK


Lay-Z Spa

Last year I worked with Lay-Z Spa to promote the launch of their new hot tub


Sunday Woman Magazine

I am the editor in chief for Sunday Woman Magazine, a publication I've grown to over 100,000 subscribers. Through careful delegation this is now a project I manage in my spare time. It doesn't feel like work as I love every second. Through Sunday Woman Magazine I've written various articles, given business and relationship advice and managed a team of experienced writers. I've secured sponsorship and advertising and turned the magazine into a monetised business and brand that I believe is a success. I've also worked with various household names, celebrities and brands while travelling extensively to report on new hotels, spas and breaks for the travel pages. I'm intent on taking this business further.  


R & D Tax Credits

I work regularly with DSM R&D Tax Credits, and couldn't ask for better clients. It's a pleasure to bring news of research and development tax credits to the masses and to ensure businesses are claiming what they're owed. If you are a business in the research or development stage, you could be owed thousands. This isn't a sales pitch, it's simply a fact. I love to make my clients money, and these are funds many could be missing out on! 

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Tax Rebate Services

Tax Rebate Services is a company run by an expert collection of accountants. I regularly work on the public relations, marketing, and in turn, the SEO of the site. I'm proud that Tax Rebate Services have been able to claim the top spots in Google for their chosen keywords with my help, bringing them over 20,000 visitors a day which is a substantial increase compared to when I started. The company regularly helps people claim a tax refund when leaving the UK or non resident tax refunds alongside mechanics tax rebates and more.

More Clients

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