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Have you? 

Taken over a company and don’t know where to start? 

Started a new business and don’t know if you need to reach people online, offline or on Mars? 

Do you have a clear idea of where you want your business to be but just haven’t got the time? 

We need to have a friendly chat. 


Whether you’ve one customer or a million, you’re starting your business or you’ve hit a plateau I will make sure you grow. 


I’ll ensure you save money, not spend it, while receiving the very best return on your investment, in me. 


Whether it’s PR, Digital Marketing, Offline Marketing, Consumer Relations, Training or Campaigns I’ll use my 25 years as a creative persuasive writer, my academic awards and unmatchable skills to bring you lifetime customers, loyal clients and increased sales. 


Chat with me today, I want to hear all about your brand dreams, your business goals. Together we can make sure stuff happens! 


Company Director
Social Media
Growth Marketing

Award Winning Acclaimed Growth Marketing

You've just made the best step for your brand or business today!

Making Your Brand Dreams Come True




You don't want to learn about me, you want to know what I can do for your brand or business. I can confidently expand your exposure, grow your social media following, carve you out a name as an authority in your industry and feature you in national publications while increasing your ranking on Google. Through intelligent marketing services, enthusiastic PR, organic SEO and expert no nonsense copywriting, I'll bring your brand more customers, I'll build loyalty with existing customers, and turn regular customers into mini ambassadors for your business, all while perfecting the consumer experience and enhancing your reputation as the best in your field. Contact Me

"Martina has been doing our PR and social media marketing for over a year and has been incredibly proactive and has got great results. She has amazing contacts in the media,  getting great coverage for our various campaigns. She has made our social media much more engaging, making sure we do regular videos and live events. I would whole heartedly recommend her."

Harriet Rhys Williams

Willie’s Cacao



wil_wil_opm_off_pack_mark1 (002).png
Martina is incredible to work with and extremely friendly. Martina produced outstanding results and I would definitely give her my highest recommendation. As my marketing director she combined her unique ideas with technical knowhow to bring thousands of customers to my brand, making each customer an ambassador and friend along the way with clever psychology magic. She truly cared about me, my business and my dreams and worked her magic to make it happen. Martina is extremely reliable, professional and scarily innovative. Martina has been a delight to work with. Kevin Robinson, Owner and CEO of Superfuels and BrandStreet



"Martina demonstrates with impressive results a complete understanding of what a client needs. She brought us results we never thought possible and we bypassed the biggest names in the business on search and eliminated our need for PPC, cutting costs by hundreds of thousands a year! She doesn't charge agency fees but delivers with her extreme energy more than what an agency can as she looks at the bigger picture to make sure everything works to bring solid results that last for years." PD, Tax Rebate Services


"I honestly have no words to explain how amazing she is at what she does. She always goes above and beyond and never fails to impress in her skills. She lives and sleeps your brand until she gets the results that make you pop that champagne. Furthermore, she is super efficient, friendly and a great team leader. Martina you are truly gifted. Thank you so so much, you are an absolute star!" 


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